Favorite WordPress Plugins

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The availability of quality plugins to easily add functionality to your website is a key feature of WordPress. Learn about the favorite plugins of WordPress developers Jennifer Visser, Leslie Valliant, Sarah Dunlap, and Shuva Rahim and share your own favorite … Continued

Digital Video Editing with Jen Eilers

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Using YouTube learn to upload your own videos and use its editing features to create a polished product to share with colleagues, friends or family. Jen Eilers has her Masters in Information and Library Science and teaches and coordinates technology classes … Continued

Pearson Community Service Award

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Congratulations to Karen Michaeli, winner of the Pearson Community Award for her work with Iowa Tech Chicks! The award (one of only 7 awarded globally and only 2 in the U.S.) includes £5000 for Iowa Tech Chicks to expand outreach … Continued