Some of our go-to resources for learning new tech skills including presentations and handouts from some Iowa Tech Chicks events.

Learning to Code

CourseBacon and Teach Yourself to Code to find a lesson or lecture on a particular skill you are interested in.

Interactive Tutorials and Exercises:

Bento – Compilation of resources for learning many languages (Python, Ruby…) and tools (Sublime Text…) & online community

Code Academy – HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Python, Ruby (new courses added regularly)

Code Avengers – HTML/CSS, Javascript

Code School – CSS, Git, JQuery, Python, Ruby and more. Assumes some prior knowledge, mix of videos and tutorials

Hackety Hack –  Ruby

Hour of Code – coding resources geared towards children and starting with visual programming. The one-hour Code with Anna and Elsa is a hit with girls.

IHeartPy – learn Python

Jumpstart Lab warm up exercises – Ruby on Rails – you can create your own account or may have access through your workplace or school

PHP Tutorials for Beginners – compilation post by Ada Inanova, written May 2013

RailsCasts – a mix of free and paid Ruby on Rails screencasts

Stack Overflow – programmers help each other solve problems. Search an error message and help from Stack Overflow is usually returned

Treehouse – step-by-step video courses and training exercises for developing websites, iOS and Android apps

University Lecture Courses:

Coursera – Hosts courses on many topics from Stanford, Princeton, Duke, etc.

edx –  Classes from BerkeleyX, HarvardX or MITx

Udacity – After mind-boggling participation in his online Computer Science classes at Stanford online, Sebastian Thrun started Udacity to help democratise education.

Youth Coding and Making Resources


Member Presentations

SEO Fundamentals by Sarah Dunlap May 2015

Introduction to Python by Jennifer Reiber Kyle March 2015

Introductory HTML/CSS February 2015

3D Modeling with SketchUp: Anamika Chandel’s presentation January 2015

SEO for WordPress: Prezi by Jen Visser April 2014

Vector Graphics handout by Cheryl Graham, February 2014

Infographics: Kathy Kaldenberg’s presentation, November 2013

Getting Started in GitHub: Shawn Averkamp’s presentation June 10, 2013

Intro to Web Hosting: Rachael Carlson’s presentation April 2, 2013

Using Firebug and Other Web Development Tools: Tricia Ball’s presentation March 13, 2013

Writing for the Web: Laura Christenson’s presentation February 26, 2013